the start of something good

One of the most common questions I get what I tell people I’m vegan is – “what do you eat!?” (preceded by a curious-scrunched up face look as they work through taking the chicken, cheese and bacon bits out of their pasta they had last night, and thinking I must just have noodles in a bowl).  The next questions that follow are “but how do you get protein? Calcium? Iron? Oh my god – you can’t eat dessert!”

My goal with this blog is to show some of delicious meals I’ve created, and to dispel the myth out there that vegans must eat plain, boring food.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite – my meals are creative, packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and spices, and taste delicious.  In fact, most of the meals I cook for friends who are not accustomed to vegan eating usually proclaim “THIS is VEGAN!?” I love cooking, and I love food, so I’m excited to share my creations!

But this isn’t all just about you, my friend. It’s also going to be my space to discover why all these foods are good for me (and you). I want to do a lot more research about food, and how it interacts with the body, what needs to be eaten with what to get all the vitamins absorbed – that sort of thing.

Welcome to my nutrition learning project, and vegan cooking experiment blog. Thanks for reading!



PS – I reserve the right to randomly post whatever I want on various occasions, and will usually have to do with this subject. I’ll keep you on your toes, ya know? 😉


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