how to be vegan and still eat dessert

Contrary to popular belief, I eat ice cream, chocolate, cookies, cake, and most other things you can think of that you eat after dinner and usually need to limit how many you eat.

Ice Cream = coconut ice cream, almond milk ice cream. Both of those taste DELICIOUS and can be soy free (read the label). It’s more of a Ben & Jerry’s price point and calorie count, but treat yourself to some Coconut Bliss Cappuccino or Cherry Amaretto and you will thank me.

Chocolate. This one always surprises me – people somehow think that a seed, something that grows in nature from a plant, is not vegan. Actually, it’s all the dairy and at least 10 other ingredients (depending on what main stream chocolate bar you’re looking at) they water it down with that makes it not vegan. But, before that, there is this wonderful product called raw cacao.

So why should you eat raw cacao rather than your chocolate bar? Well, glad you asked! Fun learning fact: raw cacao is a superfood! I knew raw cacao is full of antioxidants from when I originally got into it, but I also read it’s a natural stimulant that will deliver iron, magnesium, fibre and calcium – properties that are mostly lost once it’s been processed. I actually add raw cacao to my banana blueberry smoothies in the morning and have a legitimate healthy breakfast that tastes like dessert and wakes me up! Tell me that is not amazing!

Anyhow, if you’re still craving a chocolate bar, most chocolate makers have a non-dairy chocolate (I just had a great one from Granville Island this afternoon!), you just have to ask.

I promise you, have a few whole foods desserts, and you will not want to go back to the refined sugar and flour mess. Dessert can actually be delicious, chocolate-ly, moist, sweet, satisfying – and healthy(-er)!

These are some of my favourite dessert recipes: (think ice cream cake – YUM) (such a yummy pie, and the crust is great for other pie-like recipes you might like)

Or, make your favourite recipe vegan. For milk or dairy products, substitute the equivalent soy/coconut/almond milk or vegan butter.  Eggs sound a bit trickier, but they’re actually not hard to replace in recipes with the same results. Here are some tips on egg replacers:

I’m always happy to hear about more dessert recipes – let me know your favourite! Happy Baking!


3 thoughts on “how to be vegan and still eat dessert

  1. Nice blog, will drop in for recipes! Shared a chocolate chia pudding with your parents today, ask your Mom for the recipe, very tasty, healthy and vegan!

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